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She Devil Racing – The End of an Era.

It’s a sad time but we have decided to call it a day and retire from racing, that doesn’t mean you won’t see us around.
It all started over thirty years ago with the A30, when it was just Us and our friend Nigel on grip juice.
Actually I should have said it started a few years earlier than that when someone told us we needed to go the Santa Pod and see this great thing called drag racing you’ll love it!! and we did.
We caught the bug good and proper.

Things moved on when we got the Dragster and Martin who was 12 at the time came on a couple of days out but we had problems both times.
Later when he was older he came on as a full-time crew member and has been with us ever since, His work permitting.

Things really grew when the Funny car arrived with a bigger crew and an upscale of everything.
The amount you need to go racing is incredible. If you haven’t got a part or tool at one meeting you will probably end up with two the next time you go.
Over the years we have been blessed with enthusiastic people who have wanted to join us and help out. This culminated with what we called the A team and our first 5 second run.

The image below caught that moment (with the help of a fellow racer Gary Kay.)

our first 5 second run

Thank you, to you all

Nick, Denroy, Dan, Aaron, Martin, Toby, Me and Dave

Another big “Thank You” to all our sponsors, friends, members of the public and everyone who has been with us on the journey - it’s been one hell of a ride.

Rgs, Steph and Dave

She Devil race car

On a more serious note there’s lots for sale,
The chassis and the bodies have been sold already,

Please check the list of parts on our For Sale Page,
See if there is something you may want/need

give us a call us on-: 01892661245

SheDevil End of an era!

End of an era!