A bit of History.

An over view of changes through the years.

Where it started!.

From the start through- - -

Our very first Competition car the Austin A30, with a shoehorned big block Ford 390 engine ran high elevens at just over 100 mph.


Our first Dragster.
The Trip and way before that The Ratcatcher

Our first Dragster

A new Dragster chassis 125 inch but still with the old faith full Ford 390 running a best of 9.01.
But it took a Hemi to get us in to the eights. 8.22 ET at 167 MPH


A new era and a new car.
The Funny Car is finally ready with hot rod flames.

new era and a new car

For 2005 a new Dodge Avenger body and a change from flames to Red.

2005 a new Dodge Avenger body

For 2008 a new sponsor “Solar UK” and a repaint by SPR Coachworks both companies local to us

2008 a new sponsor “Solar UK”

For 2010 It’s back again to the familiar She devil livery.

2010 back to She devil livery

For 2013 a little change to the livery some black detailing

2013 some black detailing

Then 2014, the year of the First!! 5 second pass!

2014,First!! 5 second pass!

And 2014, also year of first outing for the Altered!

First outing for the Altered!