Easter Thunderball 11-13 April 2009

What can I say, rain again!
We had a good week before and set up in the dry but we had to wait till Sunday to start qualifying.
First pass mid afternoon and only a half pass a bit loose but ran a 8.43. Second pass and getting dark again lose but a better time 7.73 and after we ran they said we were only one degree above the dew point so I was lucky that my screen didn’t mist over.
First round of elimination and I get a very on the ball Derrick Flynn who in his A Fuel car is flying. Needless to say I lost but improved with a 7.38

Main Event 23-25 May 2009

Fine and sunny and boy do I mean sunny, we cooked for six whole days.
Let’s pick up where we left off at Easter.
First pass Saturday morning a 7.30 followed by a 7.20 in the afternoon but car still seems loose at mid track. Sunday still improving a 6,53 in the morning and a 6.28 in the afternoon, qualified number 7 so have got Danny Bellio first round.
On to the eliminations.
Danny left first and hard but then had problems so we took first round with a 6.31 at 208 mph. Next round my old adversary Leif Andreasson and unless he pulled a cherry which this time he didn’t, I was on the trailer. But the run was brilliant albeit I was very late on the lights (must work on that) we did a 6.27 at 233.99 which is back up to within 5 mph of my personal best 238 mph.

Northbrook College Shoreham 11 June 2009

We were again invited back to the college, but this year to speak to the students in the afternoon and the IMI in the evening. Both sessions were well subscribed and an enjoyable time was had by all. This year we felt that people were more informed and asked more questions.
We also had the fortune to meet Tim Howes from NGK Spark plugs more news to follow.

July 2009

Following our meeting with Tim Howes of NGK we are pleased to announce sponsorship from them for the remaining two meetings, this year both in the form of NGK Spark plugs and crew apparel.

Euro Finals

Weather brilliant just like the Main Event
First pass a checkout 7.51 followed by a 6.48 at just over 200 mph, a good first day qualifying. Saturday dawned fine and sunny again, paired against Ulf both times today a 6.31 first pass and 6.38 on second with 225 and 231 mph respectively.
Sunday and into eliminations, I was drawn against Leif Andreasson who had broke so I had a bye first round, Lucky me! Changed my start line procedure but still pull out a 6.27 at 233.77, then had Dan Larson in the semi’s. I didn’t get the revs right this time, so only ran 7-69 to his 6.01. His crew had been helping us over the weekend, thanks to them.
Roll on The Nationals to see what we can do there.

National Finals

A quick turn around for the meeting with only one weekend at home since the Euros. Many thanks to Dave Wilson who came down to help with the Fuel system and clutch setup.
Two day meeting so all passes important? First pass a bubbly and very slow 9.68, second pass disaster the car stopped after the burnout. On investigation back in the pits we found the newly mended Mag had packed up against, so we had to borrow one from Andy Robinson (many thanks to him), but didn’t make the third qualifier.
So Sunday morning run was important and we pulled off a stunning 6.13 at 232, which shocked and stunned us.
First round and we had Derrick Flynn again and the gremlins came back, stopped after the burn this time we think fuel but will have to check this out over the winter.

See you all next year.