Easter Thunderball 2-5 April 2010

After a very cold winter we did not know what to expect weather wise, as the lead up to the meeting was warm and sunny, but as you all know Santa Pod has its own climate.
First qualifier Saturday a leisurely jaunt of 8.06, but then I hate first passes, especially after a long layoff. Second pass go for it hit hard and STOP massive misfire had to get towed off the track. Sorry for delay.
That night Dave decided we need to get to the bottom of the misfire that had plague us before, so he pruned off all but essential electrics on the car and we wait to see what happens next run.
Sunday first pass hit the throttle and misfire again, this time I limped off under my own steam, back in the pits and the misfire then started happening as we were warming up. Change all electrical parts Mag, coil and box.
Thanks to everyone who offered and lend us parts. Still no luck and actually getting worst. Call out for last qualifier and last resort kill switch solenoid Bingo!! That must have been the problem all the time.
Make hast to pairing lanes only to find we’re first pair out, sorry to the guy who crashed but thanks for the breathing space, now go for it. And I/we did a 6.14 will do nicely and I lifted at 1000 ft, as the clutch didn’t get hold of the engine and all I could see was shift lights – nearly a best ever.
Into eliminations and I have Esko first round. He’s run 5.50 a new PB in qualifying.
He left on me but I didn’t see him all the way down, so we must have been close, but not as close as I was to the wall, so again, I lifted at about the 1000 ft mark and he had the win but not by much a 6.02 to a 6.09.
Did I just say 6.09?! A new PB! The whole team is thrilled and a new PB for the 1/8th 195.37 mph!

Shoreham Northbrook College 20 May 2010

For a third year we were invited back to Northbrook College along with Steve Carey and Dave Day.
We had a great day speaking to the students in the afternoon and IMI members in the evening, the groups asked lots of questions and both sessions culminated in us starting our vehicles ???

Main Event 2010

Hero to Zero
During the rain on Saturday we changed the setup in the hope of improvement, but got it wrong and set the clutch too aggressive – hence the kangaroo leaps on the second pass. Changed it back to our Easter setup and had a much better first round against Arvid.
Time to go home and access.
After the Main Event we found a lot of damage to the engine and clutch. With much expense we purchased a new crank, bought in to service our stage 10 block and with many hours tinkering we are back on track.

Euro Finals

Rain plagued the first day of qualifying so our first pass off the trailer late in the day of a 6.36 was a good start.
The next day we bettered it with a 6.32 and then had a chute lugging 6.40 but we were pleased with our efforts. It was quite ironic that with all the talk of who was to be the first into the fives, Rob and I were pitted together and pulled round for the first qualifier side by side, and we both bettered our times over the weekend.
On finals day Rob was up before us and all waited with baited breath, but he went up in smoke. Then we came round against Jurgen.
Well, he beat me on the lights and I was very late, but tried really hard to chase him down, but to no avail he won. But what a way to go! 6.0035, how close is that?!
“We may have lost the battle, but we’re winning the war”, as Dave said at the end of the run.
We’re on a repeat again. After the Euro’s we found more engine damage so were unable to get out of the Nationals. We will now spend the winter assessing everything and hope to be back next year for the next instalment.

We were at athe Nationals for the Saturday giving Mick Payne a hand, and were amazed and thrilled at how many people still came up to congratulate us on the 6.0035 pass.
Thanks to all our sponsors NGK, Torco, Nimbus and ProSeal who have supported us through out the year and especially to our great crew

Martin, Nick, Dan, Denroy and Aaron

See you all next year!