13th-16th January 2011

After talks at the Autosports show in Birmingham with Tim Howes of NGK Spark Plugs and Steve Clark of Torco Oil both have confirm they will continuing to support us for the 2011 season.
Also at the Autosports Show was Lee Childs of VP fuels and after talks we are pleased to announce that we will be using VP Fuel for the 2011 season.
We feel that it will improve the power and performance of the engine.

Easter 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (but not in that order)

Our weekend started of bad with the new piston rings we were using not bedding in and giving us a very smoky engine. There was even more smoke on the second try to see if they would settle and with many raised eyebrows all round, Dave decided to take the engine apart.
So a late night was had by all. Dave, Dan and Aaron, stripping down the motor, Nick and I going home for more rings, some of which were found nestling in a friend’s trophy cabinet.
Very early Saturday morning we were up finishing the motor and after a normal smokeless warm up we went out and did a 6.39 first pass, not bad for having six months off. It was then followed with a leisurely 8.10 as I had a throttle problem. .
Sunday morning and throttle sorted and a very nice 6.20 but was off at a 1000 ft, For the next run we decided it needed a little perking up so added a bit of ignition at start and we got our best 60ft of the weekend, that’s when it started to get ugly couldn’t get traction in second and top and as I went through the traps a very loud bang.
The guys at the start line saw the burst panel go up and then heard the bang, by that time I was coasting to a stop with all the new safety equipment performing as it should, chutes out, fuel and ignition off. It had lifted the blower and broken both front and side screens so we were done for the weekend.

Big thanks to our Sponsors.

NGK Spark Plugs, Torco Oil, and our newly signed VP Fuel

All of which certainly help our performance.

Main Event

After a brilliant few weeks since Easter with lots of sunshine the forecast for the weekend didn’t bode well and when we arrived Thursday and had to set up in the rain things didn’t look good. But then you never know with Santa Pod it has its own climate.
Saturday first pass at lunch time a 6.29 at 224 mph good time and speed back up and second pass in the evening similar time a 6.30, again at 224 mph. All the sessions taking longer than normal as the head wind caused a lot of us to stop on the track and have to been pulled off by the fire crew sorry to those waiting. Still working on clutch set up, so try harder on next passes.
Sunday improved to a 6.14 at 232 mph and the note on my timing ticket said “come on you can do it” and so we come to the last qualifier and it was a match up with Rob Turner and you all know what we are both after.
We had an awesome race side by side all the way down but the elusive time was not to be - 6.03 to Rob and 6.07 to me, but if there had been no headwind who knows!! I know my timing ticket this time said “Oh my god”. From the comments after, everyone else thought it was a great race too and both crews loved it. Lorna on my team said there was an air of anticipation when we went to the line and I am sure everyone was willing us both down the track.

So the saga continues - See you all soon