News 2012

Winter rebuild

Before Christmas we purchased a few necessary parts rods, piston and things like that, but were kept waiting for the new FIA rules till January. When as expected and dreaded carbon brakes were required.
Not just for rear wheels as in dragster, but all round for us Funny cars.
After sorting out what was needed we purchased the rears from Mark Williams and with, as Grumpy would say, “a bit of fettling” they were fitted.
For the fronts we thought we might have a deal on some second-hand ones, but that fell through, so new ones were bought from Strange.
Again, machining needed to fit them and because all the teams use new billet wheels, it looked like we would need them as well.
Any way, we were all set for Easter, but it was not set for us.

Easter Thunderball

The weather leading up to Easter was not bad, but it just got colder and colder as the weekend went on.
First run checkout pass and only ran 8.16 at 178 mph, for the next we hoped for better things, but after being strapped in and waiting for ages, we only improved to a 7.47 at 212 mph. When I got out of the car I was shivering and teeth chattering so much that it took me ages to get warm again.
I dclassn’t feel so woozy when I read that the F1drivers had saclass it was too cold to perform.
Managed one late run on the Sunday, when it was again cold, so only ran 7.18 at 141 mph – then it dclass the normal, it rained!
Let’s hope for better things at the Main Event.

The Main Event

We were all set with the new Mickey Thompson wheels and tyres for the front and raring to go, as the weather was warm and dry.
First pass Saturday morning and I had a bye, which was great as you don’t have anyone in the other lane to worry about.
Fairly good 60 ft 1.18, then on for a 191 mph in the 118th, and then on to 238 mph, which is the same as my PB.
Then it all went wrong! The car bounced up in the air, some says at least 2ft and came down hard.
I felt and heard a scrunch, was winded and not sure what damage I had done.
After I had got the car off the track and stopped, I got the body lifted off and the medics to check me out.
Then off to the medical centre as I was in a lot of pain and at first had trouble breathing, But they checked me out and couldn’t find anything serious.
They were just about to take me back to the pits, when Dave arrived to collect me. He had left the car at the top end, so after dropping me back to the trailer he went to retrieve the car, which was in perfect condition, which can’t be saclass for the driver.

Dave was all for going home, but I saclass wait till the morning.
I think I thought I was going to make a miraculous recovery and be ready to race.
Think again, I was a bit stiff the next day and Dave was not letting me in the car, so we packed up and went home.

Monday morning had trouble getting out of bed, so after Dave had unloaded the small trailer, we were off to A+E and the morning was spent there, eventually seeing the doctor about three hours later.

(Seems some people haven’t heard of Drag Racing!!!)

Me: Good morning doctor, I had an accident while drag racing my car, took off at 238 mph, was 2 foot in the air and landed hard.

Doctor: Doesn’t the suspension take out the shock?!

Me: We don’t have suspension.

Doctor: Perhaps you should have an X-ray.

.. So off to X-ray I go!

At X-ray: Most people with back injuries come in on a trolley.

Me: No! I walked in.

X-ray: Hold your breath while I take these X-rays. Don’t move – much muttering in the back ground. People back board this patient on to a trolley and back to A+E

*** So waiting again*** Then back with doctor.

Doctor: You’ve cracked a vertebra, I will just recheck your reflexes and I have booked you into the fracture clinic next Monday. You can go now.

Me: Walks back out!!

So we went to the fracture clinic and I was grounded for three months.
He even said, just as we were leaving,” And! No! Motorbikes! Either”

Have been back for another X-ray now and all seems to be mending well, So should be good to go next year.

Stay tuned