News 2014

This winter (2013/14) we purchased more heads from Dave Wilson.
So we now have spares and are presently stocking up on parts for the new season.   We plan to run the two FIA events in the UK, and possibly test at Easter.
All our main sponsors have resigned, so we would like to thank them!

Yes, it'­s Easter Weekend!

Are you ready for some action??   Festival of Power will soon be here with all the excitement you could ask for. With Top Fuel dragster, Jet Cars, Rocket Car, Monster Truck, a range of drag racing classes, plus a huge amount of track entertainment!

Oh, and us!! Too.

Easter Weekend 2014

Meeting report
Friday weather overcast, first run reasonable 60 ft 1.10, 180 mph at the 8th, then off it to give a first pass of 6.7206.   Second pass better 60 ft 1.02, 189 at the 8th and 6.1954 at the stripe.
When we got back to the pits we found that we had nearly dropped three valves, so it was blower and heads off and sort out the problem.   The springs we were using just don’t put up with the action from our Brad Heads, so we were given some PAC Springs to try.   Many thanks to Kev Slyfield, and sorry that you had done so much damage. A bit of fettling on Friday night and an early start Saturday saw us back together, but not quite in time for Q3.
Thanks, this time, to Danny Belio'­s team for the loan of a fuel pump part.
Q4 saw the mile an hour back up to 224.50, but I had a driving job en-route, lifted twice and ran a 6.3975.
Nowhere near the driving job that Danny Belio had, as we watched him disappear into the fields.  His team and others performed a great feat in getting the car ready for the first round.
Had a good weekend!  But unfortunately Finals were a wash out but we had 3 good passes, achieving 224 mph and a 6.17sec 1/4 mile. Thank you for all the support and all the team this weekend. It was good to see everyone.

23 – 26 May FIA round 1

Well, Saturday started out as a wash out, but weather cleared up and ran a 6.60 @ 224 mph in the afternoon! Not bad for a wet strip.
Thanks to all the fans that did turn up today and braved the weather!

On an amazing weekend the team have done it!!!
It is a big double for She Devil Team as best of all we have broke into the elusive 5 sec bracket…

at 5.98 sec @ 235 mph

And 500+ likes on Facebook !
So all the hard work and long hours have paid off at last!
A massive thank you to our sponsors – NGK Spark Plugs, VP Racing Fuels, Nimbus Motorsport and Direct Plastics!
Also a huge thank you to all our fans for their great support!
(More update when we get back home…)

What can I say….  WE DID IT!!!!!

After ten years of trying to reach that illusive 5-second pass, we finally did it with and outstanding effort by the team.  So the She Devil Racing Team is flying high on Cloud “Five”.
After our outing at the Easter weekend, we changed a few bits in the car like a lower gear and a change in the ignition set-up, so Friday’s one and only qualifier (due to our lovely English weather again!).  It was a reasonable 6.60 check out pass, but it wasn’t plain sailing as we to change the ignition again after that run.
Then on Saturday, a few more adjustment to the car and it was like a ride in a Cadillac – it was so smooth, it just couldn’t be fast… but it was! I turned off at the top end and stopped.
The next thing, Gareth is by my car saying,  Do you know what you ran??

Me: No!

“I know Dave would want to be first to tell you,  BUT YOU RAN A FIVE!!! WHOOOPEEE!!!!  That’s a 5.98 @ 235 mph!
The crew went mad when they got to me and as they say – the rest is history!
In the second pass on Sunday, we were stuck in the left lane which is notorious for its uneven surface.   Even though I lifted at the 1.000 ft I still managed a 6.04 sec. Data from that pass showed that we were faster at each stage than the 5.98, so going into September for the final of the Championships at Santa Pod, we know we have more to give!
It’s been quite hectic since we got back home, people coming round, others ringing, to congratulate us, lot of people we haven’t seen for long time, even people from the early days of sportsman, so was good!

Thanks to  Torco USA  as they have given us a page on their site, so can’t be bad!

And a BIG! Thank you to everyone that sent us their photos of the day!   They were great shots of the action.  Very much appreciated.
One last BIG Thank you to Gary Kay, who caught the moment for us just after we collected the timing ticket

The team with their 5 second timing ticket.

We are all still smiling and looking forward to our next outing. So hope to see you at the track next outing!

Dragstagia 2014

Better late than never the story of the altered.
After not being able to go to the 2013 event, because our funny car body is to young.
We had a short conversation with Clive Michell and the plan was hatched.
“We need to put an altered body on our chassis”

We made a lot of phone calls trying to secure any body style and it turned out that Paul Bland seemed to be the only one with moulds so the deal was made for a T body.
So January 2014 the project got under way, Dave and Toby (our newest crew guy) started the process of fitting, re-shaping and bracketing that went on for months.

In the mean time we were trying to secure new or used wings but to no avail. Dave Wilson gave us various wing profiles for us to choose from and wing fabricating commenced.
We have all got very good at laminating, the wing ribs are a two man job but actually wrapping the wings themselves definitely needs three.
The wing struts had to be made bolt on so that nearly everything can be removed to refit the funny car body.
Time is now moving on, parts need plating anodising and the body and wings need paint.
We originally thought it would all just have to be matt black, but everyone said you can’t do that.

So to the rescue came Mick Gould Commercials who kindly took the wings and Phil Modules of PM Auto Restorations who said he would paint the body and it had to be RED!.
This all sound good but we still hadn’t done anything with the back, a turtle deck would not be right so the pick-up was invented and it works well with all the kit on the back of the car.

Prior to going to the event Toby carried on with one of his pre-event movies to give you all a sneak peep on what we were going to turn up with.
Needless to say when we rolled the car out it was a huge surprise to most.
We had joined the Wild Bunch and they welcomed us in to the fold.

First pass was just to check the aero and how the car was to drive.
We lined up with the Rat Catcher, old and new together, but he had problems and we had a solo.
Second pass later in the day we encounter a problem, so we pushed back refuelled to try again.
This time our valve train problem re-occurred and we had to shut the motor down.
The damage was bad enough that we could not continue and our race weekend was over.

So off to the drive-in with a pizza we went.

Yes we will be out again see you at Dragstalgia 2015.

(Check out the images of the build in the gallery)

FIA Euro Finals 2014

So here we are again car all serviced up and yet another change to the valve train to try to make them more reliable.
Arrived Wednesday to pit up and settle in.

Thursday two more of the crew arrived and added the last parts, chutes, wheelie bars and headers so the car was ready for qualifying due to start the next day.
Friday first pass left lane netts us 6.40 at 234mph followed by a quicker 6.11 but same mph in right lane.
Ended the day in fifth place.

Overnight serviced the bearings, checked out the valve train and make some small clutch adjustments.
Saturday after a long wait in the staging lane we are back in the left lane and this time a 6.04 came up at a slightly lower 229 mph.
Move to fourth in the ladder, but then back to fifth at end of day.
So the pairings were set,

Johan v Jurgen
Leif v my self
Danny v Garth

On checking the motor out and servicing for the next day, We found that on the last pass we had suffered more cylinder head damage that excluded us from continuing, the disappointment was huge.
We were so looking forward to going into eliminations as the two previous meetings had been rained off.

Needless to say we will return and this time with spare heads and more parts.

And thank you to our supporters
Have a great winter and see you all next year!

Roll on 2015!

Thank you to our sponsors.

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