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A very sad ending for 2015.

R.I.P Dan

Euro Finals 2015

The 246.75mph pass

The 246.75mph pass for shedevil

European Finals 2015

For all those that weren't able to see us run in the FIA Finals here is a little something!
It was an amazing weekend with speed and ET records being broken. we ran an all time best ET of 5.83 sec and a speed of 246mph, we dedicate this event to our good friend and crew mate Dan young.... so Dan.. This was for you!

Posted by She Devil Racing TMFC on Saturday, 19 September 2015.

European Finals 2015

Think the smile says it all!!

euro 2015 winners podium

TMFC The Finals podium. Leif Andreasson and Stefanie Milam

For Dan


best ET 5.8348
best mph 246.75
best 60ft .9661
best 1/8th ET 3.8211
best 1/8th mph 197.10

After all the damage at Dragstalgia, where we ran an Altered PB of 234.97 a European record, We ended up removing the motor and fitting a new liner, eight new pistons and rebuilding ready for the Euros.
Unfortunately for us one of our crew members Dan Young (clutch man) had been taken ill and was in hospital, but his request was that we should still go, But! I had to run a 5.80 something!

Dragstalgia 2015

We returned to Dragstalgia once again with the Wild Bunch.
Fresh from running 5.91 at the Main Event, with a few changes to transmission and clutch we had great intentions of trying to run low 6’s.

So we paired up with The Ratcatcher my first front engine rail. “The old and the new”

The old and the new.

Left the start line with a 1.21 sixty foot and on the stripe 6.33 at 234 mph a perfect pass.


best ET 6.3336
- - -
best mph 234.97 a European record!

Then the fun began!, through the traps with the throttle hung wide open,
Pull back the throttle, pull the chutes, bang the blower and stopped with no further drama.
The computer trace showed full throttle for over 9 seconds at 10,000 rpm and on the rev limiter.
On inspection the blower was only a minor detail, As we had torched all eight pistons and so we were done for the weekend.

burned piston

So car now in workshop, engine out and stripped down, So now to the task of repairing ready for next meeting.

Hope to see you all there!

Check out the pictures in Dragstalgia 2015 gallery.

Main event 22nd - 25th May

2015 Main event we go a best ET 5.91sec, what a way to start the year!!

Main event we go a best ET 5.91sec

Saturday, day 1

First passes not hard off line just letting me get used to being back in the seat again. But not bad for me a 6.35 at 222mph followed by a 6.40 at 230mph.

Sunday, day 2

Got all ready to go and had actually fired the cars up and was told to shut off for rain, some time later track was dried out and ready to go.
All felt good and I launched hard, got my shifts and all felt good but not necessarily extra special.
Turned off the track and sorted my chutes out to await the crews and they were all grinning from ear to ear - you just ran 5.91 !!!!!!

Back to the pits to get ready for next qualifier, as the track was improving a lower first gear was needed, so a transmission change was done and all seemed OK on the warm up.
Went down for the next pass and in the burn out it didn’t really feel right but put it down to the changing track, launched OK but when I changed to the top gear nothing seem to happen so got off throttle and coasted to end.
When the crew arrived I said it didn’t seem to have top gear.
This turned out to be Crew Chief error, in his haste he hadn’t checked the pack clearance and it was tight so “ I SMOKED IT ”.

Monday, day 3

As there was only three of us left we ran first round midday with the other semi’s.
Both cars burned out and I got into stage first and seemed to be there a long time, so when the lights ran I was not away as quick as Jurgen.
When the centre line cones got a bit close I peddled it and then the chase started, it was oh so close at the top end I only needed a few more feet. The margin of win was .07
Even though we lost it was a good race and all part of the learning experience.
The good news is that valve train is still in one piece so the new parts are holding together.

Thank you to our sponsors.

Torco OilNimbus MotorsportNGK Spark Plugs

Thanks also to  Torco USA  for the page on their site

See you all at next meeting!

So here we are again, into a new year and new season

For us the winter has been all go, In September we purchased the ex Dan Larsen Stratus bodied roller.
So all winter we have been in the workshop removing paint, old body repairs and getting the body in shape to hopefully be used in 2016.
More work will be done later in the year and then we will get on to the chassis.
So onto the current car, the car has been stripped, checked over, and repaired where needed, various bits and bobs done, a tweak here and a tweak there,
We hope that all the cylinder head damage is a thing of the past. as a fresh pair of Brad 5 heads with yet another spring, cap and collet combination have been fitted
We also had a long time to analyse last season’s data from the onboard data logger. This has led to some transmission, clutch, ignition and fuel system changes.
So all cleaned up and serviced for the new season.

We plan to run the two FIA events in the UK, and Dragstalgia again this year.

So see you all at the track at the Main event 22nd—25th May.