News 2016

Dragstalgia 2016

Back in the seat after 10 months as not able to run at the Main Event due to lack of support in the Methanol Funny Car class.
A gentle check out pass to settle back in so a 7.26 at 209.94. Second pass, up against Bubblegum Bob Glassup’s Nitro Nostalgia Funnycar, so time to let the altered off the leash.
It might have been the long way round, blowing the 1000ft markers out on the way down but with a 6.1868 we set a new European record, just to add to the mph 234 we got at Dragstalgia 2015.

We have to thanks our long time sponsors TORCO OIL, NIMBUS MOTORSPORT AND NGK SPARK PLUGS whose support helps us to perform at this level and to all the spectators and fellow racers who come round with words of encouragement and appreciation.

And finally thanks to all the crew who make our dreams possible.

Cup was nice, the cost to get it! Well!!

The cost of Fast!
SDR In the Pits
SDR On the Track

She Devil Racing..Main Event

TMFC end of an era??

You may have noticed that we are no longer on the list

We can’t remember when Methanol Funnycars didn’t run at the Pod It’s been so long,
But we have no one to race, so our entry has been returned.

Fear not! She Devil Racing has gone into Altered mode and will be out at Dragstalgia, so we will see you there.
As for later in the year we will have to wait and see.

She Devil Racing says Hello and Goodbye.

Baby news
On Thursday 7th January at 05.55 we welcomed Caleb George Wilson son of crewman Aaron in to the drag racing family weighing in at 8lb 7oz.

Aarons new baby
Mum and baby